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About us

Hello, I am Jess from Gorjess Jewellery, welcome to my website!
I made my first piece of jewellery with the help of my Dad, for a friend’s Christmas present. It was a simple design; a silver heart shaped pendant with both her name and her son’s name on opposite sides. I remember learning that to make the names I’d have to hand cut them with a saw blade, I nearly gave up before I started! Thankfully, I gave it a go, I enjoyed making it so much, and was very proud of the finished product. I showed it off to a friend, who asked to buy one with his daughter’s name, I then showed his purchase off to colleagues, who in turn asked to buy something. I continued to make items I’d enjoy wearing, I started with puzzle shapes, and then animal shapes, I’d bring them into my day job and show them off to colleagues and customers, discreetly selling jewellery to customers at work as well! It was only at this point I entertained the idea of trying to make a living from it. I left my day job to run Gorjess Jewellery full time in 2012 and haven’t looked back since!